NC ONLY! Anisomorpha ferruginea — Northern Two-Striped Walkingstick


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Due to USDA regulations, this species can currently ONLY be shipped to customers in NC.

This phasmid eats Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) in my colony. I have not attempted other foods, but Phasmid Study Group states that this species (PSG 198) also eats plants in the Rubus genus.

An enclosure of at least a couple gallons in volume is recommended. This species has not been picky with humidity, but moister is probably better. This colony has been breeding between 70˚F and 75˚F, but warmer temperatures should be suitable as well.

The adults mate for life. The male will ride on the female, and I have had no issues keeping more males in the same tank with a mated pair.

One final note is that phasmids in the Anisomorpha genus are capable of discharging a potent defensive fluid. It is unlikely that they will calm down in captivity as mine still have a great propensity to spray even after having been reared entirely in captivity. Therefore, this species is not recommended for handling.

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Adult Pair, Egg, Nymph


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