I am a breeder of both native and (legal) non-native insects. My interest in raising insects started with butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera), when my interests in horticulture led me to discover the complex relationships between plants and lepidopterans. I have worked with over 30 types of lepidoptera, and my interests have also expanded to include praying mantids (Mantodea); beetles (Coleoptera); cockroaches (Blattodea); and certain grasshoppers, katydids, and crickets, particularly the carnivorous types (Orthoptera).

My interest in insects has inevitably interested in me in some of their arachnid predators. I raise scorpions (Scorpiones), spiders (Araneae), and I am working on breeding amblypygids (Amblypygi).

I am working on building large enough populations of arthropods to be able to sell some. This way I can share my arthropods and earn some money for feeding and housing the gluttonous little buggers.