Here is a compiled list of all the arthropod species I keep as of March 9th, 2022.

  • Arachnida
    • Amblypygi
      • Damon medius (Togolese Giant Whipspider)
  • Diplopoda (Millipedes)
    • Anadenobolus monilicornis (Bumblebee millipedes)
    • Thyropygus pachyurus (Giant Asian Millipedes)
  • Insecta
    • Blattodea (Cockroaches)
      • Archimandrita tessellata (Giant Peppered Roach)
      • Blaberus giganteus (Giant Cave Roach)
      • Blatta lateralis (Turkestan Roach)
      • Eublaberus posticus (Orange Head Roach)
      • Gyna lurida ‘Yellow’ (Yellow Porcelain Roach)
      • Therea olegrandjeani (Question Mark Roach)
      • Therea petiveriana (Domino Roach)
    • Coleoptera (Beetles)
      • Lucanidae (Stag Beetles)
        • Lucanus elaphus (Giant Stag Beetle)
      • Tenebrionidae (Darkling Beetles)
        • Tenebrio molitor (Mealworm)
        • Zophobas morio (Superworm)
    • Mantodea (Mantises)
      • Brunneria borealis (Brunner’s Stick Mantis)
      • Stagmomantis carolina (Carolina Mantis)
      • Tenodera sinensis (Chinese Mantis)
    • Orthoptera (Crickets, Grasshoppers, Katydids, and relatives)
      • Tettigoniidae (Katydids)
        • Neobarrettia spinosa (Greater Arid-Land Katydid)
      • Romaleidae (Lubber Grasshoppers)
        • Romalea microptera (Eastern Lubber Grasshopper)
    • Phasmida (Walkingsticks)
      • Anisomorpha buprestoides (Southern Two-Striped Walkingstick)
  • Malacostraca
    • Isopoda
      • Porcellio dilatatus (Giant Canyon Isopod)
      • Porcellio scaber (Common Rough Isopod)

I am open to working out a trade or sale, but of course, I must also reserve the right to deny any offer for any reason. I also will not make or encourage anyone to make any transfer I know to be in violation of USDA regulations. If you want to make a suggestion, then please use my contact page to send me a message. In your message, I ask that you provide a link to a review page on a major United States hobbyist forum (e.g. Arachnoboards, Beetleforum, Mantidforum, or Roachforum), so I may verify your good standing in the arthropod hobby*. I am very selective with whom I trade.

The above having been stated, I am interested in a wide variety of arthropods, with a particular interest in Therea sp, US-native Dynastes sp, native and exotic millipede species not in my collection, expansion of my isopod collection, Archimandrita tesselata and other large blaberids, and any species of amblypygid.

*I myself am a relatively new hobbyist, so I understand if you do not have a review page. Nevertheless, I would like to see some online platform that showcases you and your work with arthropods.

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