Welcome to The Mantis Menagerie. On this site, there are blog posts, care sheets, USDA regulatory information, and more curated by a US-based invertebrate hobbyist. The information herein is hopefully helpful to a far broader audience as well.

There is far more to see here than just mantises. Browse the Post Categories sorted by taxonomic classification to find the continuously growing repertoire of species covered in the blog. Go to the USDA Regulations Guide for information on permitting and regulatory compliance broken down with a focus on species and groupings commonly kept in the hobby. My Collection shows the species I am currently working with, and I update it every few months. Wanting to share information on this site? Go read the Term and Conditions to see policies on digital content. Want to get in touch directly? Use my Contact page to send a message via email.

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The Summer Collection Update 2021 is now published.


The Spring Collection Update 2021 is now published.


The blog has moved from this home page to a new blog page.