Brunneria borealis — Northern Grass Mantis (CB)


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The only known mantis species that exhibits obligate parthenogenesis. No males of this species exist and all individuals are females. Somewhat communal in the early instars, although occasional cannibalism is to be expected. Can reach a body length of 4 inches as adults and lay over 5 oothecae in their lifespan.

Early instars feed on Drosophila melanogaster and hydei from hatching through the third or fourth instar. This species is delicate and a bioactive habitat with live plants is especially recommended for this species. Frequent misting may be able to substitute for a bioactive enclosure.

In addition to the limitations in the Terms and Conditions, nymphs of this sensitive species are not guaranteed for live arrival without selecting Express shipping options. 

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Mantid Life Stage

L1/L2, L3/L4, Oothecae


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