Blaberus giganteus — Giant Cave Roach (CB)


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The longest species in the hobby, this roach is a prolific breeder and mainstay of the American hobby. When startled, this species can produce a distinctive musk, and some individuals are prone to emitting musk prolifically during handling. Fortunately, the musk does not last for more than a few minutes.

This species is a generalist feeder, similar to many other roach species. From personal experience, they do not like lettuce and greens as much as some roaches, however, other B. giganteus seem to be fond of greens. This colony primarily feeds on various fruits and cat food.

Due to their large size, cork bark is recommended for molting subadults to spread their adult wings. Tolerates a variety of humidity levels, but they seem best suited to moist conditions.

No additional heating should be required above about 75˚F.

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