Terms and Conditions

The following applies to use of all information, photos, videos, and all forms of digital media on themantismenagerie.com and any page hosted on this domain. This page also outlines all Terms and Conditions required for completion of any transactions in association with the store hosted on this site. By continuing to access this domain, you understand and agree to the following in its entirety.

All photos, videos, and digital documents hosted on this site are copywrite of themantismenagerie.com unless explicitly specified to the contrary. Any reproduction without written permission from the owner of themantismenagerie.com is prohibited.

Other possible forms of digital media may include the text found on any page on the domain: themantismenagerie.com. Written text is allowed to be cited in small (less than ~50 words) segments for strictly educational, scientific, or personal uses, provided full credit is included with the citation crediting the specific themantismenagerie.com page where the information originated.

All forms of digital information not covered above are considered to be copywrite of themantismenagerie.com unless explicitly specified to the contrary.

Furthermore, the owner of themantismenagerie.com shall not be held liable for usage of the information found on this domain or any derivative page. Guides and how-tos are to be followed solely at the risk of the end user.

Terms and Conditions pertaining to transactions via the store

The following must be read in its entirety prior to completing any transactions on the site store. Completing a transaction conveys that the buyer agrees to the following.

The Mantis Menagerie only ships to the Continental US. No live arthropod orders will be fulfilled for Florida residents due to state law. Any deliberate attempt to circumvent arthropod shipment rules shall result in a cancelled order and potentially a ban on being allowed to place future orders through the store, at the sole discretion of themantismenagerie.com.

USDA-regulated organisms may be offered for sale on the site periodically, where they will be clearly noted as such. Through purchase of these organisms, and in addition to these Conditions, the customer also agrees to read through given requirements from the USDA permits. For species that require the customer to hold an individual permit (e.g. most exotic beetles, exotic mantids, and phasmids from out of state), the customer must provide the relevant permit(s) prior to placing an order for the regulated organism.

Live Arrival Guarantee and Policies

The following must be read in its entirety prior to completing an order containing live animals or plants. Completing a transaction conveys that the buyer agrees to the following.

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail. Standard rates are $15 for standard Priority shipments and $40 for Express Priority shipments. Extra charges may be incurred for large orders or as shipping prices change, but any extra charges shall not exceed an additional $10 for standard Priority shipments or an additional $20 for Express Priority shipments. Failure to pay extra shipping charges if requested will result in a cancellation of your order, and a refund of the full value minus any payment processor fees incurred in the attempted transaction.

Live Arrival is only guaranteed for transit times of 2 days for Express Priority shipments and 4 days for regular Priority shipments. The owner of themantismenagerie.com is not responsible for delays and errors caused by the Post Office or other carrier-related problems, and outside of these specified shipment durations, no live arrival is guaranteed. Missed delivery attempts or failure to bring the package inside within an hour of delivery also void any and all guarantees of live arrival. Proof of dead on arrival (DOA) organisms must be sent as clear photographs showing a pin through the abdomen of the organism via email within 3 hours of the recorded delivery time. Unless specified to the contrary on the product page or invalidated above, live arrival is guaranteed for Express Priority shipments, provided temperatures at both origin and destination are between 40˚F and 85˚F during the shipment. Live arrival is not guaranteed for regular Priority shipments, unless the recipient is located in GA, NC, KY, SC, TN, or VA and temperatures are between 40˚F and 85˚F during the shipment, in which case, live arrival will be guaranteed, provided the shipment met the requirements in bold.

If the conditions for the guaranteed live arrival are met and an organism(s) dies in shipment, the process is as follows.

  1. Extras of a species may be included in many shipments. If the quantity received is greater than or equal to the quantity ordered, then that order will be considered successful and does not merit compensation.
  2. If fewer organism(s) arrived alive than were ordered, then the discrepancy in value of the organism(s) can either be refunded (shipping not included in refunds) or, if the species is still available, then the customer can receive free replacement(s) for the missing organisms by paying shipping.