Other Families

Coleoptera is too diverse to encompass all its families individually, but most species will require permits. Cerambycids, buprestids, and elaterids all require permits, and even native species may require containment. The following list has all species of beetles that have been deregulated. (Some beetles, such as native carabids, were not deregulated because there was never any point when they were regulated.)

Family Scientific Name Common Name
BostrichidaeRhyzopertha dominicaLesser Grain Borer
ChrysomelidaeAcanthoscelides obtectusBean Weevil
ChrysomelidaeBruchus pisorumPea Weevil
ChrysomelidaeCallosobruchus maculatusCowpea Weevil
CurculionidaeSitophilus granariusGranary Weevil
NitidulidaeAethina tumidaSmall Hive Beetle
NitidulidaeCarpophilus dimidiatusCorn Sap Beetle
NitidulidaeCarpophilus hemipterusDried Fruit Beetle
PtinidaeLasioderme serricorneCigarette Beetle
PtinidaeStegobium paniceumDrugstore Beetle